OSTINA has a rampdoor  able to withstand loads up to 30 tons, making it capable of handling heavy equipment. In addition, the ship also has a deck OSTINA can be regulated in height in order to adjust the height of the goods transported.

This particular ship OSTINA has a maximum speed of up to 18 knots, higher than average – average ship Ro-ro cargo in Indonesia (average 10 rate of knots –), so that it can better guarantee deliveries on schedule.

Monitoring of the land, we rely on the online technology that is able to monitor the speed and location of OSTINA in real time and at any time from the Management Office so that all conditions which may occur in the sea could be immediately known and filling.

As a form of business we maintain the quality of cruise, Ship OSTINA periodically audited the eligibility standard shipping classification by the Bureau of Indonesia.




We are a partner for our customers in meeting the needs of vehicle shipping between the islands of Indonesia. We are always seeking all kinds of innovation, both technological and service everything possible to give added value to the customer partner needs.

Coordination with partners not only customers we do during vehicle is inside the ship, but also on the whole process at the time before and after the vehicle out of the ship. Everything we do for smooth transport of the vehicle the customer partner.

Coordination and partnerships also materialized with parties such as tekait-parties – Pelindo, PBM (loading and unloading Company) and the port authority at each port. We are listed as one of the active members of the Indonesia National Shipowners Association (INSA).

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