We are a subsidiary of Great Concern that in the field of sea transport services. We are one of the few owners of Ro-ro ships operating in Indonesia. Along with the ship, which began sailing Ostina since July 2014, we provide services to transport vehicles.

The ship is capable of transporting up to 650 Ostina vehicles, with 2 to 3 times the cruise in one month. Regular shipping lines include Tanjung Pinang-Jakarta-Batam and Pekanbaru. In addition to the usual, vehicles ships is also capable of transporting heavy equipment such as an Excavator, Dozer, Forklift, truck, Dum and others up to 30 units of heavy equipment in a single voyage.

Lasing system (amplifier) for vehicles put in place to restrain the movement that could damage the vehicle or heavy equipment, in order to ensure the security despite the unfavourable weather conditions though.



To be the premier and respected global provider of transportation products and services



1. We Provide Added Value For The Stakeholders
2. We Build Professional Human Resources

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